Using Senic Pro Switches with Xicato

Using Senic Pro Switches with Xicato

Xicato is a leading company for the equipment of intelligent lighting systems in professional applications. Xicato is particularly useful in areas where the quality of light is of vital importance. Exemplary areas of application include the hotel industry, commerce, restaurants and public institutions. 

In the cultural sector, good light is particularly important. Not only the protection of museum pieces by the right light but also the right staging are decisive for the success of a museum. 

Therefore, the company Lichtbau Schneider-Moll mainly uses Xicato in their lighting systems. Lichtbau Schneider-Moll is a Berlin-based lighting manufacturer that specializes in high-quality lighting. Some of the most famous museums, with some of the most valuable cultural findings, are Lichtbau Schneider-Moll customers. 

"We process high-quality and efficient lighting components from our partner XICATO, known for the highest color renderings (CRI 98) and appreciated for their reliability ."

In addition to the lighting itself, simple control is also important for museum staff. Control via software is possible through Xicato. However, this is not usable with a large number of different users, who are often less technical without access to the software. Simple switches are therefore usually the most suitable and easiest way of control. 

For this purpose, Xicato and Lichtbau Schneider-Moll collaborate with the technology company Senic from Berlin.
The switches of the Berlin company are also like the Xicato system based on Bluetooth and thus directly connectable and functional after simple configuration.

The special highlight of the switches is the "Energy Harvesting technology". Although the switches are Bluetooth switches, they do not require a power supply or batteries. Just by pressing your finger on the switch, enough energy is generated to send the Bluetooth signal. 

The user is free to deploy as many switches as required throughout the building. Each XICATO lighting node can be programmed to respond to input from a maximum of two switches. The first lighting node should be within 30 meters of the switch in order to ensure consistent signal propagation, further lighting nodes are reached using the XICATO mesh infrastructure. 

This saves time and money in planning as well as in laying cables. In addition, one gains an unlimited degree of flexibility, as the switches can be placed at any location and on any surface, and this can also be changed afterwards. 

Stratas appreciates Senic's switches for several reasons:
• work reliably with Xicato system

• are very easy to integrate

• have a classic, timeless design

• very good connection between switch and lamps

• need to be set up only once and then everything works

• can only be recommended in this way

"The switches work very reliably, are flexible to install, have a high quality and are very easy to use. We can therefore only recommend the switches." - Mr. Schneider-Moll

Senic's switches work as standard with all Xicato products and require no additional programming. The setup is easily done via the existing Xicato setup software.

Senic's switches can be obtained by contacting Senic directly and can be used throughout Europe. In case of special needs due to packing or commissioning of the switches, Senic is happy to help. 

More information about the switch can be found at


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