Discontinuing Nuimo products

Discontinuing Nuimo products

At the end of 2020, we decided to discontinue the sale of Generation 1 Nuimo products (Nuimo Control Starterkit, Add-On, Click-Starterkit, Click-Add-On). We will continue to support our customers to the best of our abilities until the end of 2021. Beyond this point, we still expect the products to work as expected but can not guarantee or be held responsible for any major changes to SONOS and Apple software that could cause incompatibility, or similar.

To understand why we took this decision, what this means for existing customers and where Nuimo is moving in the future, please continue reading.



Background Story


When we started our company and went through Ycombinator in 2013, one of the credos that we picked up and live by to this day is to ‘never fall in love with a solution but the problem’. The problem that we wanted to tackle was an approximating future in which technology consumes our entire attention with negative side effects like digital addition, depression or isolation. 


From the beginning we’ve wanted to build a future in which technology is subtle and supports us from the background without distracting. We call this Future an Enriched Reality (ER) in which our surroundings and simple objects are enriched with technology to support us from the background. 


Our first product, Nuimo, which we released in 2014, was a clear expression of that. By reducing the steps to music, people started to listen to more music throughout their days which has positive effects on their well-being and the people around them. At the same time, people spent a bit less time on their phones. 


We should never fall in love with a solution, but we definitely did fall in love with Nuimo like so many of our customers. The sheer simplicity, quality and elegance was unrivalled, and we simply wanted to have these products in our lives and use them every day. 


At the same time, as first time hardware founders, we experienced a whole range of difficulties. Nuimo is easy to use but a highly complex product that requires electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and several different disciplines of software engineering to get it working and maintaining the software. Additionally, you need people for shipping, customer support and more. Nuimo, or Gen 1 of Nuimo to be exact, was too expensive to be a mass market product and required too many people to maintain.


At the same time, Nuimo allowed us to make the necessary learning to reach the level that we’re at today. We learned that people loved the simplicity of simple smart home controls and kept developing next generation products like our friends of Hue Switch or Muse Blocks that are direct children of Nuimo. These products are now at a very attractive price point, extremely reliable and used by countless people all around the world. And we will continue to develop new products with a similar approach in mind, built with many more years of additional experience. 


None of this would have been possible without the original Nuimo line and more importantly our customers who wanted to support us. We want to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts. Their support allowed us to take our first step towards a future in technology that puts humans at the center; not the other way around.


Information for existing customers


  • We routinely test our software against our average user environment. However, after December 31st, 2021 we will no longer be providing maintenance support.
  • We will continue to test and maintain software against the following configuration:
  • Normal 2.4Ghz WiFi router (ie. not mesh)
  • Sonos S1 v11.2.4
  • Philips Hue v1943082030
  • Android 11
  • iOS 14
  • After this point, we discontinue to do QA tests and write software for potential software bugs that might occur.
  • The software of the Nuimo system is stable, and we assume that it will continue to work as expected for the foreseeable future. If you do experience a problem, the issue will most likely be due to local network issues. In this case, please refer to our help center on how to fix this problem.
  • If you own a Nuimo Control or Click and are a developer, we would be happy to provide you information you might need to integrate these into an open source smart home systems like OpenHab or HomeAssistant.
  • If you’re a user of any Nuimo product, you can also decide to upgrade to any of our newer products, and we will offer you a special discount. We would also like to offer you a free version of our latest Sonos product, Muse Blocks. Please feel free to reach out to us. 
  • There are two main reasons the product might stop working in the future:
  • a) Sonos changes their software: We use the official and supported Sonos API which has been stable for a significant amount of time. We don’t expect this to change in the foreseeable future, but it might happen at some point. We won’t be able to offer any software fixes in case Sonos changes their software. Please also note while the Nuimo Hub works with Sonos S1 & S2, we only support S1 until the end of the maintenance period.
  • b) If Apple decides to update their iOS in a very significant way, this might affect our app in some way. If this occurs, you would need to use iOS 14 or older to continue using your hardware. We won’t be able to offer any software fixes in case Apple changes their software.
  • If you are a customer and experience any of the above issues, please reach out to us, and we will try to do our best to find a solution before December 31st, 2021.
  • Other products (e.g. Friends of Hue Switch, Muse Blocks) will continue to be supported.


Information for new customers

  • Nuimo products are now sold out, and we will not continue to manufacture this generation of products.
  • We’ve moved on to our next generation of products. Please take a look at our website to understand more about our products.
  • We are planning new products in the future (some of which are on the market now) and others that are coming in the future, but we don’t have any specific information of dates to share at this point. 
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