Questions about the Friends of Hue Switch

Which frames can I use?
We are currently working on a list of compatible frames.. Since we use parts of the GIRA E2 /System 55 Series for our frames, the compatibility with most GIRA System 55 parts is given. But we can't guarantee anything when it comes to third-party frames. The only confirmed frames are the Berker S1 and Jung Series A550. The Friends of Hue Switches have total dimensions of 81x81x17mm and the inside measurements of the frame are 55x55mm.
Which Rockers can I use?
While you can use a variety of frames with the right measurements, you will not be able to use all the different rockers. Due to the built-in EnOcean modules, you will only be able to use the specialized rockers. For spare parts look at “ Where can I buy spare parts?”
Is the single rocker included?
The single rocker is included in the packaging. You will be able to replace the double rockers with a few simple steps. Here is a short video showing the process:
How can I take certain parts off? ( ...e.g. backplate or rockers)
You can take off almost all the parts with a few simple steps. Either start with gently pressing out the corners of the backplate or start with taking off the rockers. We made a short video to help with the disassembly.
Where can I buy spare parts?
We are planning to add the option to purchase parts to our webshop. For now you would have to send your request to (Required information is type and amount, full name, billing/shipping address) We will create an invoice that needs to be paid in advance. (Payment methods are either bank transfer or PayPal)
Where can I buy multi-frames?
We are planning to add multi-frames to our stock as well. For now, you would have to contact GIRA or any third-party reseller that specializes in their products.
I am interested in additional colors (creme, aluminium, …)
We are planning to add more colors to our portfolio. If you are interested, we would recommend subscribing to our newsletter to stay updated about releases, news and much more.
Can I use the FOH switches without the Hue hub?
The Philips Hue Bridge V2 is mandatory for using the Friends of Hue Smart Switches with Hue equipment.
Can I use the FOH with other Zigbee products?
The Friends of Hue Smart Switches are designed to work with the Hue Bridge, and in addition to the bridge, with HomeKit. Using the Zigbee protocol with third-party products that are not connected to the Hue bridge is not tested and therefore not recommended.
Can I use the switches when there is no internet connection?
Yes, as long as the hue hub is still powered you will be able to use the switches. First you need to configure the switch, and reactions, in the App (e.g. scene for lamp XY), and then you can be sure that the switches will give you the expected result even without an internet connection.
I have problems with the FOH. The FOH is not being recognized by the bridge.
Try to reset the Bridge and/or the Friends of Hue Smart Switches. You should be able to reset the switches with the following pattern: 1- Press top left 2- Press and hold top right for about 10 seconds 3- press top right and bottom left at the same time 4- press top left Note: Please make sure the module is inserted in the right way up. Also quickly check if the following items are assembled correctly: Backplate: Facing Top Frame: GIRA on Top (visible from the backside) Module: 0 on Top Module holder: Facing Top (If that doesn’t help, feel free to contact our customer service)
Can I have multiple reactions from one button e.g. power on/ power off.
This will not be possible with the standard hue settings. You would have to use a Third-party App (like IconnectHue or Hue Essentials) to enable this. We made a video to quickly show you the process:
Can I trigger routines or use it with my voice assistant/smart hub e.g. Alexa or Google Hub?
There is currently no support for routines or smart hubs like Alexa. Only exception: You are able to use the Friends of Hue switches, in addition to the Hue Bridge, with HomeKit.


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