Battery free, wireless switches for Pro Applications

Our Bluetooth Switches are specifically designed for professional environments.
The switches can easily be integrated into existing lighting systems or be used for a whole range of building control applications.

Energy Harvesting Technology

Thanks to the integrated energy harvesting technology, the switches use the energy of a button press to send a wireless signal. The switches don't contain batteries and never need to be charged. This means that no cables need to be installed and switches can be flexibly placed where needed.

Professional Use Cases

Our Switches already integrate with dozens of existing lighting and building automation systems. Thanks to an open protocol and a simple protocol structure, out switches can be used in different applications such as lighting control, access control, device control and more.

System 55 in partnership with Gira

Our switches are made in Germany by Gira in the E2 Design. Thanks to the standard System 55 dimensions, switches also fit larger frame setups and can be supplied with a variety of frames and Colors.

Colors, Frames, Prints & Other services

Our switches are available in glossy white, matt white, black and anthracite. We can supply switches as single rocker or double rocker setups. If you have additional needs such as prints or QR codes for commissioning, please reach out to us directly.

Example: Xicato

Xicato is one of the leading, professional lighting systems being used in various industries from museums to hotels. Read more on how easy it is to integrate our switches into the Xicato System.

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We've been using these switches in 1 museum and 3 hotels so far. We're very happy about the cost savings on installation, additional flexibility in the planning stage and reliability of the signals.

— Maja Congosa, Architect

How to get switches

Please reach out to us at for any inquiries. We will be able to provide a price list within 48 hours. If you would like to get a sample device, you can simply order one using the same email.



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