Get Started

Hey there! Thank you for choosing our smart switch. In order to set up the Friends of Hue Outdoor Switch, please open the Philips Hue App and follow these steps:

1. Click on Settings in the bottom menu
2. Select Accessory Setup
3. Select Add Accessory
4. Select Friends of Hue Switch
5. Select Senic Friends of Hue Switch

After doing this, please follow the instructions in the app to pair your switch with Philips Hue System.


Mounting using sticky dots

1. Ensure you have selected a flat, even surface. The sticky dots will work well on most outdoor materials, but particularly porous materials (such as sandstone) are not recommended. It is possible to mount the switch on metal surfaces, but please be aware that wireless performance may be affected.

2. Below the switch and the instruction card with the QR code, in a separate compartment, you will find a strip with 4 black sticky dots. These are specifically made to be used on outdoor surfaces. Please be aware that these sticky dots are hard to remove so please be careful when applying.

3. Peel off one dot at a time and place them on the back of the switch in the designated corners of the switch - indicated by the dashed circles on the sticker. You don’t need to remove the top cover of the black dots yet.

4. Prepare the mounting surface. The Surface should be dry and free from dust and grease. To ensure the switch is level, mark the desired location with a pencil.

5. Remove the plastic coverings from the adhesive dots.

6. Make sure your switch is facing the correct direction. The arrow on the back must be pointing upwards. Now press the back side of your switch firmly against the designated surface.

Mounting using screws

1. You can Remove the gray backplate from the switch using a flat screwdriver or similar object. First, insert the screwdriver in the gap between the gray backplate and the black rubber material, move the tip of the screwdriver under the backplate and press down on the back of your screwdriver removing the backplate in one section. You should hear a clear pop. Now you need to remove the backplate in all remaining sections until it comes off fully. The easiest way to do this is by starting in one corner, and working your way around. Please do this very carefully and in a dry environment.

2. The type of screws to use depend on the material of your outdoor wall. Please reach out to us directly if you need some guidance on which screws to get. Important: Please use screws with a thread diameter of 2.5mm and a flat countersunk head. Please make sure that under no circumstances, the screw heads should exceed the thickness of the backplate since this might create gaps that can diminish the water and dust protection of the switch. Please make sure that the backplate is mounted in your desired location and is level.

3. After mounting the backplate, please make sure your switch is facing the correct direction. The arrow on the back must be pointing upwards. Now gently push the front of the switch onto the mounted backplate. To do this effectively, place your two thumbs on top of the two rockers while pressing. You should feel and hear that the switch snaps onto the backplate. Please make sure it's attached tightly without wiggle room.

Using the switch with Homekit

Via the Philips Hue Bridge (v2), you can also use the outdoor switch with any homekit compatible scene or device, including speakers like Sonos or Homepod, outdoor plugs or sprinklers.

You can follow the instructions in this video or take a look at our extensive tutorial including the video here.

Support & FAQ

Have thoughts, feedback or questions? You can always reach the Senic team directly at

You can find our FAQ here. 



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