If you would like to join our Beta Program, please click on the button below to apply. It's completely free!!! We only have limited spots at the moment, so please apply now.

If you have never heard about us: Hi! 👋  We're a hardware & software startup from Berlin called Senic. We're a bunch of passionate engineers and designers who want to make using technology in the home simple, healthy and fun. Feel free to explore our website for more information. 


What is the Beta program about?

We've released a few products over the years, working very closely with the team at Sonos in the USA. We're now about to release a new product in a few weeks that is very close to our hearts. 

We've been working on the concept of Muse Blocks for several years now:

You can think of Muse Blocks as "smart art" or "digital vinyl records". 

The Blocks are small cover art pieces with a tiny chip inside. You simply tap them with your phone and the music that is stored on the blocks will magically play on the Sonos speaker(s) of your choice. Muse Blocks can be playlists, podcasts, albums or any other content. 

With this product, the intention is to combine the best from a traditional music medium like a vinyl record with modern smart home technologies. You can read more about why we see a bright future behind Muse Blocks here.


We have also built a website with more information on the product but getting your feedback on this website would already be the part of one of the first beta tests :)

Muse Blocks for your phone is just step 1. We will have more products coming out that are related to Muse Blocks (the usage of Blocks without the need for any phone for example) but you will find out more about this over time. 


What is the goal of the beta program?

We have many ideas on how to make this product great but that's all in our heads and we will be wrong about some of those ideas. We would like to work together with you to make the product the best it can be by taking in your feedback on what's good and what's bad and adjusting accordingly. 

It's also pretty natural that there might be some bugs in early versions of the software so you're feedback would help us to fix those as quickly as possible. 


What do I get?

The first part of the Beta Program is all about Muse Blocks to be used with your phone.

• You will get a set of 3 Muse Blocks that you can use to play Music on your speaker. Those will be free and you get to keep them.

• The first Blocks you will get are Blocks from Sonos Radio Service "Sonos Radio". There will be other Blocks coming in the future. 

• You will be able to chose from a list of 27 Sonos Radio Stations that we will ship to you for free

• You will also receive a link to an App that you need to use Muse Blocks and chose which Sonos speaker(s) the music should play on.


What do I have to do?

• Basically just use the product the way you would like to and have some fun with it :) 

• If there is any feature that you would like to see from the product or if there is a bug that you noticed, you just tell Tobias (our CEO). You will receive his email address where you can simply send him your feedback. It can be as simple as sending us a short message or he's also happy to jump on a call if you would like that. 

• We definitely don't want to ask for a lot of your time and want this to be fun. How much you use Muse Blocks is up to you of course. Your feedback should never last longer than a few minutes of your time.

• From time to time, Tobias will send you emails with short surveys (on the product or the website for example) or just to check in if things are working ok or if there is anything we should change. We will always be careful not to send you too many things. If you feel like we're asking too much, please just tell us and we will adjust.


What are the requirements?

• For Muse Blocks: An iPhone starting with the iPhone Xr, Xs or newer including iPhone 11, 12 or 13 (any sub-versions of these). These phones have NFC background reading enabled. We're also planning to release an Android version but want to make sure everything is great in one version first before investing time into something else. If you don't have one of the above mentioned iPhones, please still consider applying to the program since we're constantly exploring new features and platforms. 

• At least one Sonos Speaker (the more the merrier).

• Basic level of English. We speak German and you're very welcome to give your feedback in German and talk to us in German. Just to avoid twice the work on our side, our surveys and documentation will be in English.

• You're excited to try new things and build something together with us :) 


How long does the program last and can I get out?

• We plan to launch Muse Blocks for Sonos Radio at the end of January. Until then, we would love to work together with you and iron out any remaining bugs or feature request. 

• After that, it's completely up to you if you would like to continue supporting us or not. We plan to continue improving the app and adding new features but there are no expectations and you can keep your Muse Blocks. 





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