Smart Home Meets Design


A designer lamp that you can use as a speech interface and hub to automate your home.


A smart controller for your favorite smart home devices and services.
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Senic Journal

Glass blowing, microphone arrays and a questionable looking lathe…. a lot goes into building a smart home product. Learn how we built COVI.
“Closed” software is holding back an industry that could alter how every one of us lives, for better… or worse – it’s not only developers who should care about open source.
Imagine waking up in the morning to soft light and the first few notes of your favorite song playing. Sounds magical? This future is closer than you think.

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YOURE INVITED to #futurehausberlin - a pop up shop showcasing #covibysenic and 9 other of our favorite startups! Shop is now open - visit for more info. .
In love with those guys: the electronics of the Hub.
Stop by our IFA booth at Hall 26.a Booth 161 to check out #COVI
We're not quitters Josh.