We love technology, but not the impact is has on our lives. Our everyday interactions with technology are not designed to promote health - leaving us addicted, depressed and craving social interaction. We believe there is another way to create technological experiences that enhance our lives without negative side effects.

Creating the next evolution of user interfaces requires putting humans back at the center. As technology has developed from the introduction of the personal computer to the mass adoption of the smartphone, we have begun to see a shift toward designing for stickiness, not wellbeing. At Senic, we are driven by a mission to create more seamless smart home experiences that put people first.

Taking a stand for the future of technology

Our founders, Tobias, Felix and Philip founded Senic in 2013 in their apartment in Kreuzberg, Berlin. They shared a deep love of technology, but also a concern for how it impacted their lives. Together, they researched better ways to interact with technology beyond screen-based products like the smartphone.

The people behind Senic

Senic is made up of 20+ team members from over a dozen countries. The Senic HQ is in the center of Kreuzberg in Berlin, where we have our own studio and workshop. The team was brought together by a shared love of technology, design and pride in putting out high quality products.

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Senic Studio

Köpenicker Str. 154a
10997 Berlin

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