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Senic is building the next evolution of smart home interfaces and systems. Combining design and technology, we are creating experiences in the home that promote human wellbeing.

Tobias, Felix and Philip founded Senic in 2013 out of their apartment in Kreuzberg, Berlin. They came together with a shared love of technology, but also a shared concern as to how it impacted their lives. Together, they researched better ways to interact with technology beyond screen-based products like the smartphone. Having all three grown up around German manufacturing, they decided to design physical products that streamline the experience of technology in the home.

During their time in startup accelerator Y Combinator, the three founders began developing NUIMO. NUIMO was originally built as an easy shared way to switch the playlists in their apartment. In 2015, NUIMO raised over $500K USD on Kickstarter and shipped in 2016. Channeling the learnings from their first product, Senic launched COVI in 2017. COVI is the next step towards building an entire system for smart home automation based on human wellbeing.

Now with a team of over 20 people, with backgrounds ranging from design to psychology to engineering, Senic is extending their line of products and planning additional interfaces. Senic is committed to the mission of creating beautifully designed technology that promotes wellbeing - not stickiness.


We believe in openness - from design to manufacturing to software. We want to make things that are so good we are proud to show off what’s behind the scenes.

High Quality

We create products that are built to last. That's why we build with only the highest quality materials and partner with German manufactures who have decades of experience.


We love technology – but not how it makes us feel. At Senic, we are creating experiences with technology that allow you to be more human, putting your health, creativity and relationships first.

The Studio

At Senic, design meets engineering. Take a peek into our studio where we create, build, market and ship products to people all around the world.

The Team

Senic is made up of more than 20 team members with unique perspectives, interests and ideas brought together by a love of technology and design. Check out the individuals who make up Team Senic and reach out to say hello.

Join the Team

Want to be our newest teammate? Check out our open job postings:

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Senic Studio

Köpenicker Str. 154a
10997 Berlin

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