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A simple tap is all you need

Just pull out your phone and tap a Muse Block. No need to open an App first. Your phone will magically recognise what music is stored on the block & play it on your Sonos.

See how it works in Action

Your phone has a built in NFC sensor which reads the information that is stored on a small chip inside of every Muse Block. No batteries or charging required. Ever.

Muse Player App & Compatibility

The Muse Player App opens once you tap one of the blocks. From there you can adjust your music like increasing volume or pausing your music. Currently, Muse Blocks with with iPhones Xs, Xr, 11, 12 and 13. Our Android version is coming soon.

A unique piece of Interior Design

With Muse Blocks we wanted to combine the beauty of cover art and smart home technology. Display your favorite Music using one of our mounts or any way you want to and create a stunning piece of interior design.




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