Dear Community,

the average adults spends more than 8 hours a day in front of screens and negative side effects like distraction, digital addiction, isolation and depression are on the rise.

We don’t believe in a future in which technology is designed to grab our attention but to support our well being, creativity and relationships.

The products we develop serve this purpose. But developing hardware and software is expensive which is why we raise capital.

You can now help us and become part of our mission by investing in our company with as little as 250$ via WeFunder.



What is WeFunder and what is crowd-investment?

As a startup, we cannot work with banks yet which leaves us with two main financing options: We can either get one large check from a professional investor (often called VC) or we can get many small checks from normal customers, friends and supporters (’the crowd’) who believe in out products and vision.

For you, crowd-investment is just another option to build wealth like buying stock; instead of buying shares from a publicly traded company on a stock exchange, you can buy part of a company via a platform like WeFunder.

What do I get out of it?

There are multiple reasons to invest depending on your interests and budget.

  • Many people see investing in a startup as an additional option to build wealth. If Senic gets acquired or goes public one day, your shares could convert into a large profit. It’s more risky than investing into a large company but could also lead to much higher returns.
  • By investing via WeFunder, you can additionally receive some nice extra perks like free products or life-time discounts.
  • You help to build a better future as we described above.
  • You support a group of passionate designers and engineers to create amazing new products that you can ultimately benefit from.

Depending on your interest and budget, you can invest as little as $250 up to $100,000.

What is the process of investing via WeFunder?

It’s as easy as online shopping. You take 30 seconds to create an account, choose how much you would like to invest and then pay with your preferred payment method. Investments up to 5000$ can be done via credit card. Alternatively you can also choose a bank wire transfer.

Why is everything written in English and uses US-Dollars?

Senic is incorporated in the US with a German GmbH as a subsidiary. This is quite a common model for startups like us because investments in technology startups still mainly occur in the US compared to countries like Germany (although this is slowly changing). Also, using a platform like WeFunder is only possible as a US company.

How does this work from a tax perspective?

Since we’re not tax accountants, we’re not allowed to give tax advise and it will depend on the country that you’re in. In Germany for example, a profit from a startup is treated like a profit from selling regular stock on a stock exchange.



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