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Precision control with a premium feel

Nuimo Control Smart Home ControllerNuimo Control Smart Home Controller
Nuimo Control

Transform your music and lighting at home with a premium tactile experience. Nuimo Control is a universal remote for your Sonos and Hue that gives you simple and ultraprecise control throughout your home.

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Designed and manufactured in Germany using the highest quality materials.

German Design AwardRed Dot Design Award
  • “Nuimo Control’s intelligence comes from the way it rethinks connectivity — getting users off their phones and tablets now doesn’t have to correlate to a low-tech lifestyle.”

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  • “What if controlling all of the smart devices in your life was as easy and analog as turning a knob? That’s the idea behind Nuimo Control...”

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  • “An homage to Dieter Rams-ian simplicity.”

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Music and light in the same device

Add up to three groups of speakers and/or lights for flexible control.

Award-winning design

Innovation, care and quality you can feel have earned Nuimo Control numerous prestigious design awards.

Flexible mounting options

Nuimo Control’s magnetic base and included wall bracket lets you mount it on any surface or take it with you when you like.

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Controlling Sonos Speakers

  • Click

    Play / Pause

  • Turn


  • Swipe

    Next song / previous song

  • Long Touch

    Quick access to your 3 favorite stations

Controlling Philips Hue

  • Click

    On / Off

  • Turn


  • Long Touch

    Quick access to your 3 favorite scenes

  • Swipe Down

    Switch between speaker or lighting groups

  • “Nuimo really is one in a million. Friends used to make fun of me for buying such an expensive controller but only until they picked it up themselves and rotated that ring to change the volume.... Suddenly they all become quiet very quickly and don't wanna put it back on the table.”

    Ron, Germany
  • “For the past ten years, we've started our day every single morning with a shared moment of coffee in bed and music. Since we got Nuimo Control, our silver shiny little friend is a part of this ritual.”

    Christian Krohn, Hamburg, Germany
  • “The first controller that felt (and is) really high quality. The solid metal body and high quality bearings have a distinct physical feel that many cheap plastic devices lack. There's so much to love about the design and the interface.”

    Dylan Box, Detroit, USA

Simple Setup



Download the Senic Smart Home App and power up your Hub



Follow the simple instructions to set up your devices and preferences



Put away your smartphone and relax in the perfect setting

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Nuimo Control



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What’s behind the pricing?

Nuimo Control has a high price tag, but there are good reasons why.

Premium materials and attention to detail are considered every step of the way. Think about buying a low-grade car versus a Tesla. Similar functions, but if you’ve tried both you know that there’s a world of difference.

Nuimo Control is the same. Our assembly team carefully tests each component and hand assembles our products right here in our office in Berlin. We use only the finest, locally-sourced materials so that every device is one of the highest quality pieces of hardware on the market. Our products are built to last you years, and thanks to the free automatic updates your Hub will receive, you can enjoy all the latest features without ever having to buy new hardware.

This goes far beyond what cheap manufacturing can accomplish. It’s a labor of love from the people behind the product.

You just have to hold it to feel it.

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Why do I need the Hub?

We built Nuimo Control with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to limit your energy consumption and increase battery life for an average of 1.5 months with a single charge. However, your smart devices like Sonos and Philips Hue communicate over WiFi. The Hub speaks both, so it works as a bridge between your Nuimo Controller and your smart devices.

At Senic, our goal is to continuously deliver you free over-the-air software updates to enhance your experience – so you can feel the benefits over time without having to upgrade your hardware. However, this requires a lot of processing power. A wireless device like Nuimo Control needs a powerful counterpart like our Hub to automatically receive these updates without requiring any action on your part.

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