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Control your smart home with a single touch

Nuimo Control

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Nuimo Control is an intuitive remote for your connected devices. Experience seamless control for your Sonos, Philips Hue and more.

A new approach to smart home

We built Nuimo Control because technology in the home should feel natural, not distracting. Among thousands of apps, screens and speech interfaces, we wanted something simple – an interface designed with humans in mind. See Nuimo Control in the home of Matas Petrikas.

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  • “Nuimo Control’s intelligence comes from the way it rethinks connectivity — getting users off their phones and tablets now doesn’t have to correlate to a low-tech lifestyle.”

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  • “What if controlling all of the smart devices in your life was as easy and analog as turning a knob? That’s the idea behind Nuimo Control...”

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  • “An homage to Dieter Rams-ian simplicity.”

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Control your connected devices with ease.

Nuimo Control connects with a custom Hub to create a seamless music and lighting experience in your home. No scrolling through menus, digging through apps or getting distracted by notifications. Just instant control with a simple setup that works.

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Designed and manufactured in Germany using the highest quality materials

German Design AwardReddot Design Award
Two Nuimo black smart home controllers from the side and from the front on a grey background

Experience seamless smart home control in an award-winning design.

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