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The Sonos switch for the entire family

Nuimo Click Smart Home ControllerNuimo Click Smart Home Controller
Nuimo Click

Nuimo Click is a wireless smart home switch that makes controlling your Sonos or Philips Hue easier than ever for everyone at home. No batteries. No charging. Just simple, stress-free control with the click of a switch.

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Designed and manufactured in Germany using the highest quality materials.

Supported by Gira

Revolutionizing energy consumption

Nuimo Click uses Enocean energy harvesting technology to generate enough power each time you press it to send a wireless signal to the Hub – no cables needed.

Works where you want

The EnOcean long range technology inside Nuimo Click works up to 30m from the Hub – even through walls! A single Hub can connect to as many as 10 Nuimo Clicks.

Fits into your existing frames

Mount Nuimo Click on its own or integrate it into your standard System 55 switch frames from companies like GIRA.

Made for the entire family

Nuimo Click is simple to use and can be mounted anywhere, so everyone from friends to family members can enjoy simple access when they need it.

Care and quality in every detail

Each Nuimo Click is hand-assembled in Berlin from the highest quality materials.

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Controlling Philips Hue

  • On / Off

  • Brigthness

  • Quick access to your 3 favorite scenes

Controlling Sonos Speakers

  • Play / Pause

  • Volume

  • /

    Next song / previous song

  • Quick access to your 3 favorite stations

  • “Simple access to our favourite music, no batteries and dead easy to use – it's as if Click was made for my kids.”

    Manuel, Potsdam, Germany
  • “I never thought I would love a light switch.”

    Julia, Heidelberg, Germany
  • “I never thought a light switch would be an eye catcher, but every friend that’s come over lately has asked about it. And it makes me happy to look at, too”

    Andreas, Copenhagen, DK

Simple Setup



Download the Senic Smart Home App and power up your Hub



Follow the simple instructions to set up your devices and preferences



Put away your smartphone and relax in the perfect setting

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Nuimo Click



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What’s behind the pricing?

We know Nuimo Click doesn’t come cheap, so let’s talk about why:

Premium materials and attention to detail are considered every step of the way. Our assembly team carefully tests each component and hand assembles every device right here in our office in Berlin to make sure you’re getting the best possible product. We combine cutting edge technology with top quality parts so that your device will last a lifetime. And thanks to the automatic updates your Hub will receive, your system will only get better as the years go by – without ever having to upgrade to new hardware.

This goes far beyond what cheap manufacturing can accomplish. It’s a labor of love from the people behind the product.

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Why do I need the Hub?

Nuimo Click is powered by Enocean, but your smart devices like Sonos and Philips Hue communicate over WiFi. We built the Nuimo Hub to speak Enocean, Bluetooth Low Energy AND WiFi, so it works as a stable bridge between all of your devices. Up to 10 Nuimo Clicks, 1 Nuimo Control and as many Sonos speakers and Philips Hue lights as you like can all be connected via a single Hub.

At Senic, our goal is to continuously deliver you free over-the-air software updates to enhance your experience – so you can feel the benefits over time without having to upgrade your hardware. Our Hub is able to automatically receive these updates without requiring any action on your part.

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