Nuimo Click White fixed on a white wall in a sophisticated living room next to a Sonos speaker and stylish furniture

Simple smart home control with the click of a switch

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Nuimo Click is a wireless switch for your smart home devices that can be mounted anywhere and never needs recharge – ever.

Revolutionizing energy consumption

Nuimo Click uses energy harvesting technology which generates enough energy each time you press it to send a wireless signal to the Hub. This means you never need to recharge – ever.

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One-click control for everyone

No screens, menus or scrolling. Just simple, tactile control. Mount Nuimo Click by the door, keep one on your nightstand or carry one around the house for convenient control anywhere, anytime.

Nuimo Click Black fixed on a white wall in a sophisticated living room next to a Sonos speaker and stylish furniture

Simple setup to blanket your home in wireless control

Nuimo Click connects to your Sonos or Philips Hue via the Nuimo Hub. Long range technology allows them to talk through walls with a range of up to 30 meters. Connect up to ten Nuimo Clicks with a single Hub for simple smart home control throughout your home.

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Designed and manufactured in Germany using the highest quality materials

Made in GermanySupported by Gira
Nuimo Click black and white standing on a white background

Discover one-click control that you never need to charge. Ever. The first batch of Nuimo Clicks is already sold out! Get in on the second batch by pre-ordering now with an exclusive discount.

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Nuimo Click Female user having croissant for breakfast.

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