Features and Integrations
What are NUIMO’s main features?
How does NUIMO connect to my smart devices?
How does the Hub work with NUIMO?
I own a NUIMO but don’t have the Hub yet. Do I need it?
Which smart devices work with NUIMO?
Do I need my smartphone or tablet to use NUIMO?
Will there be more integrations and features coming to NUIMO and the Hub?
How many devices can I connect to NUIMO at one time?
Can I connect multiple NUIMOs to one Hub?
How many NUIMOs can I have in my home?
Where can I find information on developing for NUIMO?
Setting Up the NUIMO Hub
How do I set up my Hub?
How does the Hub connect to WiFi?
Can I use an Ethernet port with my Hub?
How do I connect NUIMO and the Hub?
How do I know whether my Hub is connected to NUIMO?
How do I add devices to be controlled by NUIMO?
Why are there 2 Sonos applications listed under “My NUIMO”?
I’ve plugged in my Hub, but nothing is happening. What should I do?
Troubleshooting the NUIMO Hub
What do I do if NUIMO isn’t connecting to my Hub?
How do I reboot my Hub?
How do I perform a factory reset?
Getting Started with NUIMO
How do I set up NUIMO?
How do I turn NUIMO on?
What do these three LED dots mean when I switch on NUIMO?
What does the blinking Bluetooth signal mean?
How do stations work on NUIMO?
How do I set up my Sonos favorites?
    How do I configure my NUIMO stations?
    Can I customize which Sonos speakers NUIMO will control?
    How do I set up NUIMO with my Philips Hue?
    Are Philips Hue scenes are supported by NUIMO?
    Can I customize which Philips Hue devices NUIMO will control?
    How do I switch between applications and devices on NUIMO?
      Living with NUIMO
      What does NUIMO come with?
      Where can I buy the Hub if I already have NUIMO?
      How do I mount NUIMO to the wall?
      What is the average range for the NUIMO's Bluetooth connection?
      How long does it take to charge NUIMO's battery?
      How often do I have to charge NUIMO?
      How is my data protected while using NUIMO?
      Troubleshooting NUIMO
      Where can I report bugs?
      NUIMO is showing me an “X” symbol on the LED matrix, what does this mean?
      My NUIMO is not turning on/charging, what can I do?
      My NUIMO is having trouble connecting to my Android device. What do I do?
      Why are fly gestures no longer supported?
      My NUIMO LED is showing an arrow pointing down in a box. What do I do?

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