Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started with NUIMO

How do I turn on NUIMO?

NUIMO is delivered with a magnetic backplate. To turn NUIMO on, gently pull apart the magnetic backplate and NUIMO device. On the back of NUIMO you will see an on/off switched labeled with “O/I” - gently slide this switch to the 'I' position to turn NUIMO on. You will know NUIMO is on when you see three LED dots appear on the top surface. As soon as you see these dots become a bluetooth symbol, then NUIMO is ready to pair.

What do these three LED dots mean when I switch on NUIMO?

When you first switch on NUIMO, three LED dots will appear. This means that NUIMO is booting up and is preparing to go into pairing mode. Once you see the three dots change into a bluetooth symbol, you are then ready to connect your NUIMO and pair it to your favorite applications and devices using the iOS NUIMO app.

What does the blinking bluetooth signal mean?

The blinking bluetooth sign means that NUIMO is ready to pair to your phone and devices. In iOS app you should be able to connect to your NUIMO. Once your NUIMO is successfully connected to the iOS app you will see a check symbol. Please also check that you have your Bluetooth activated on your smartphone or computer.

How do I set up NUIMO?

You can check out our quick start guide for NUIMO here.

How do I turn on the fly gestures?

Once you have set up NUIMO and paired it with a device or application, you can enable fly over and fly up/down gestures. To turn gestures on you must cover the small dot on the face of NUIMO. Cover this dot with your finger for about 2 seconds and you will see a single LED light turn on and pulse on the surface of the device. Fly over and up/down is now enabled and you can use these gestures. To turn off fly gestures, simply cover the dot on the face of NUIMO once more and when the single LED turns off, they have been disabled.

How do I wake up NUIMO?

To wake up NUIMO, you simply need to touch anywhere edge of the top acrylic surface. NUIMO will wake up and return to full functionality. NUIMO goes into this sleep mode to conserve energy and maintain long battery life.

How do I switch between applications or devices when using?

To switch between applications or devices on NUIMO when using the iOS app simply swipe down over the capacitive touch surface. You will see an icon that refers to a specific device (i.e. lightbulb icon for Philips Hue, or music note for Sonos) – this icon will change to the next device as you swipe down. Note: you must add multiple devices to your NUIMO through the app on iOS or you will not be able to scroll through multiple devices.

How do I know whether my smartphone, computer or tablet is connected to NUIMO?

When you have paired NUIMO with an application you will see the blinking Bluetooth symbol change into a check mark symbol. You have now paired your NUIMO with the NUIMO app and can add devices or applications to control.

Living With NUIMO

What does NUIMO come with?

Each NUIMO comes with a magnetic backplate for mounting, extra sticky dots incase you want to remount NUIMO, a Micro-USB cable, cleaning cloth and small instruction manual.

How do I wall mount NUIMO?

You can mount NUIMO in one of two ways. You can use the magnets that come embedded in the back of each NUIMO to stick NUIMO to a magnetic metal surface such as a refrigerator. Additionally, you can attach the specially designed backplate that comes with NUIMO to any surface. To use the backplate, simply peal off each of the three clear plastic covers of the sticky dots that are on the back of the wall mount (the metallic side). Then press the wall mount metal-side to the surface on which you are mounting. Take care that on the front of the backplate you can clearly read the word 'NUIMO' right-side up and horizontal.

How long does it take to charge NUIMO's battery?

NUIMO's battery takes about 3-4 hours to fully charge using the micro-USB cable that comes with NUIMO.

When do I have to charge NUIMO?

NUIMO's battery should last between 1-2 months on a single full charge with moderate use. This number will vary greatly depending on amount of use. You will be notified when NUIMO needs to be recharged by a low battery icon displayed on the LED matrix. NUIMO should be charged with the included microUSB cable and applied voltage should never exceed 5V.

Can I use my NUIMO with multiple NUIMO apps?

Yes, you can install NUIMO app on multiple phones, tablets or computers. NUIMO will automatically connect to the next device available.

What is the average range for the NUIMO's Bluetooth connection?

The connection distance of BLE depends on various factors. In households with many Wi-Fi hubs and routers this might limit the distance of connection. Furthermore interference from walls and or metal structures can greatly influence the bluetooth signal strength. In general, distances of up to 65 feet (20 meters) can be expected.

Software And Firmware On NUIMO

How does NUIMO connect to my smart devices?

NUIMO speaks Bluetooth Low Energy (also known as Bluetooth 4.0 and BLE) meaning that it pairs with other devices that also support BLE. While NUIMO is not enabled with other protocols, it can use a gateway which can be your smart home hub, computer, tablet or smartphone to interface with devices that use Wi-Fi.

What platforms are supported by NUIMO?

NUIMO currently supports iOS devices (Apple iPhone and iPad). We also provide SDKs for additional platforms. They can be found at developers.senic.com. For updates on other platforms that we will support in the future join our developers newsletter.

When will new integrations become available?

We will be launching new device, program and application integrations regularly each month. To stay updated on what we launch next you can subscribe to our bi-weekly newsletter here. If you would like to request an integration that we have not yet built you can e-mail the Senic Team at [email protected]. If you are interested in building an integration for NUIMO let us know at [email protected].

Where can I find information on developing for NUIMO?

SDKs, emulators and documentation can be found at developers.senic.com. If you would like the latest news about the NUIMO developer community, upcoming NUIMO Hack competitions and hackathons you can subscribe to our developer newsletter.

Troubleshooting NUIMO

NUIMO does not connect to my smartphone, computer or tablet. Why?

There are a few reasons you may be having trouble connecting your NUIMO to your smartphone, tablet or computer.
1. Does your device support Bluetooth Low Energy? You can check here.
2. Is Bluetooth activated on your device?
3. Is NUIMO already paired to another device? If it is already paired to another device, you won't see the Bluetooth icon.
4. Is NUIMO turned on?
If none of these are the case - please e-mail us at [email protected] for help troubleshooting.

How Do I Recalibrate NUIMO’s Gesture Sensor?

If for some reason there has been interference during the firmware update (a hand was in the line of sight of the sensor or NUIMO was set face-down) and NUIMO’s gesture sensor does not recalibrate correctly, you can recalibrate easily through the app using the following instructions:

Connect your NUIMO to the iOS or Android app. Navigate to the menu on the left side of the app (noted by three horizontal lines). Here you will see a list of the connected NUIMOs.

On iOS, swipe left over the name of your connected NUIMO and you will see a button appear that says ‘details.’ Click the ‘details’ button and you will see a small notification that gives a summary of battery info, hardware version and firmware version. Underneath this information you will also see an option to ‘Recalibrate Fly Gesture’.

On Android, long press the name of your connected NUIMO and you will see three buttons appear: ‘Details’ ‘Recalibrate Fly Gesture’ and ‘Forget.’

Press the ‘Recalibrate Fly Gesture’ button, taking care that NUIMO is sitting right side up and there is no interference 50 centimeters above the gesture sensor (the small slot on the top surface of NUIMO).

You will receive a notification when your fly sensor has been successfully calibrated.

When I turn on NUIMO and all I see is a symbol with an arrow pointing down in a box - what does that mean?

NUIMO shows an arrow pointing down in a box when you have recently started a NUIMO firmware update using the NUIMO app. If the firmware update fails or takes longer than 2 minutes we suggest to retry the firmware update. To ensure a good Bluetooth connection, please first disable Bluetooth on your iOS device (Apple iPhone or iPad). Then re-enable Bluetooth and restart the firmware update. Please note that NUIMO will stay in firmware update mode (arrow pointing down in a box) until the new firmware installs successfully. If you have trouble updating NUIMO's firmware we're happy to help you at [email protected].

NUIMO is showing me an exclamation point on the LED matrix, what does this mean?

NUIMO’s LED matrix will read out an exclamation point icon (!) when it cannot properly connect or control a device. This can happen for a number of reasons, including that the smart device is not responding or is not connected if the smart device is turned off.

When this icon appears, you should first double check the connection for your smart device you are trying to connect to. First, check to see if that device is on. Next, remove the device from the NUIMO app and re-add the device again.

If you are still seeing the exclamation point, please reach out to Team Senic at [email protected] with the specific device you are unable to connect with and we will be happy to help troubleshoot.

Where can I report bugs?

You can report bugs at [email protected].

I can't find my question in the FAQ - what do I do now?

Send the Senic Team an e-mail at [email protected].