Intelligent lighting designed with you in mind.


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COVI is a designer light that includes speech control and acts as the basis for your smart home system.

Light that adapts to your life.

COVI was designed to blend beautifully into your home, enhancing your life through technology that isn’t a distraction.

Adaptive light that supports your daily activities.

As humans, our bodies are built to respond to different light quality. Cool-toned light from screens can misalign these natural circadian cycles. COVI mimics these cycles, helping you to be healthier and more productive throughout your day.

  • Wake Up


  • Focus


  • Relax


  • COVI includes the option to gradually increase brightness so you can wake up with cool white light that mimics the sunrise.

  • COVI has both cool and warm tones to provide the perfect light for working, reading or to promote focus.

  • In the evening, COVI can provide warm-toned white light to set a relaxing mood for you and your loved ones in the evening.

Home automation that works like magic.

COVI allows you to set rules for the connected devices in your home. Simply set your custom automations and allow your home to take care of you, setting the scene to welcome you home or wake you up with your favorite playlist.

Voice control when you need it.

COVI is Amazon Alexa-enabled meaning you can use the full list of Alexa skills. Trigger speech control simply by tapping the base or using the trigger word, ‘Alexa’.

Designed and crafted in Germany.

Create the perfect atmosphere in your home.

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