The Team and Vision Behind the Products


We started Senic because we love technology – but we didn’t love how we were interacting with it. Amid the hundreds of thousands of apps and hardware with massive screens, we wanted something more – we wanted interfaces designed with humans in mind. 

That’s why we began building products, to create things that would engage the human senses and give the best experiences of technology through haptics, speech, gesture and vision. Thanks to our early supporters (including backers, collaborators, investors and friends) we were able to launch our first product and turn our ideas into a physical and internationally distributed reality. To read more about our journey to building products and how we envision the future of interfaces check out our blog.


We believe that great products come from great interdisciplinary teams. Particularly when designing for the home, a combination of engineering, design, psychology and business is necessary to create something that people actually want to use. We believe in providing for the user exactly what they need in a micro-moment to create the most seamless experience possible, without added distraction. We set out to create things that would blend into people’s lives – giving them the empowering experience of technology, without being slaves to the screen.


Pentacon in Dresden can look back on over half a century of developing and producing cameras and optical equipment. Their knowledge in fine mechanics and extra delicate tolerances is helping us to achieve the highest quality in engineering.
Proemion in Fulda guarantees hardware of the highest quality standards, all devices are manufactured in modern productions facility in Fulda, Germany.


Electronic components for Senic products are built outside of Frankfurt with our partner RM Michaelides. With decades of experience in the automatic industry – Nuimo was the first smart home device they have worked on with a startup. Together with their highly skilled engineers we sources the best components and assembled the PCBs that become the brains of Nuimo.


Pentacon manages the production of mechanical components for Nuimo that are produced all over Germany. In Dresden, Pentcon oversees the ….


While specific components and mechanical parts for Senic products are made all over Germany – the final assembly is done in Berlin. Right down the street from our headquarters in our sunny assembly space we have set up a small assembly line. On this line we hand-build each device that goes out to a customer. While most companies choose to assemble their products in China to take advantage of less expensive labor, we believe that better products are made when you can oversee every step, learning and improving with each device.


Nuimo was built by us  - the team at Senic. Together we are a passionate group of designers, engineers and psychologist who care about building a better way to interact with the technologies we love. We not only wanted to build products that we would use – but build them in a way that upheld the highest standards of design, quality and local manufacturing.


It takes a lot of knowledge to build hardware, that’s why we are thrilled to have the incredible support of our investors who understand and help drive forward our vision for Senic.


More than anything else, we owe the opportunity to create products and build hardware to our community of backers, customers and collaborators. Nuimo was truly designed alongside our earliest supporters, who’s feedback shaped every facet of the products that you see today. We are incredibly excited to be in contact with those who have been with us from the beginning and meet new members of the Nuimo community every day.

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