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The people behind the products
Tobias Eichenwald
CEO & Co-Founder
Felix Christmann
CDO & Co-Founder
Philip Michaelides
CTO & Co-Founder
Teshia Treuhaft
Chief of Staff
Judith Thomschke
Performance Marketing Lead
Tal Chodos
Lead Visual Designer
Fabian Schucht
Interaction Designer
Hannah Feldman
Customer Experience
Tom Lazar
Senior Developer
Rudolfs Osins
Software Developer
Riccardo Canta
Software Developer
Burak Parim
Audio / Hardware Engineer
Tim Henning
Software Developer
Ravindra Varma
Product Development Engineer
Johannes Scheufele
At Senic, design and engineering comes first – take a peek into our studio where we create, build, market and ship products to people all around the world.

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Why build a company?

We want to put the user back in the center - here’s how.
Design and technology surround us and influence every aspect of our lives in both positive and negative ways.
Studies have shown that the simple act of a phone laying on the table while you talk to a friend can decrease the quality and depth of conversation. In contrast, background music can put people at ease and help form relationships. The objects we surround ourselves with directly impact our feelings, actions and health.
Technology has been making us sick - without us even realizing.
The smartphone is an amazing piece of technology. However, when we miniaturized computers and put them in our pocket, we didn’t plan for the smartphone to become the center of our lives. Smartphones realistically don’t address the needs of users in the home. A number of side effects result from the smartphone being placed in the center of a context it was never designed for - including distraction, decreased social interaction, decreased creativity, increased cognitive load and low accessibility.
There is another way – but we need to put humans back at the center.
When designing a piece of technology, the user must come first. It’s important to ask oneself – what can this product do for us? Attention to human psychology and care for well-being of the user must be a non-negotiable constraint that guides the design process. With emerging sensor and speech technologies, the possibilities for personal technology in the home are exploding – now we need to demand products that put the user’s well-being first.

Design, Engineering & Manufacturing in Germany

There's a big story behind every product – here’s ours.
Senic co-founders in their apartment/ initial Senic Studio
April 2013
Senic is incorporated and joins the S13 batch of Y Combinator
June 2014
First prototypes are developed of NUIMO
December 2014
Senic launches on Indiegogo with a focus on users who use it together with creative applications on Mac
April 2015
Senic joins Paris-based Hardware Club as member #42
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May 2015
Senic launches NUIMO on Kickstarter with a focus on smart home users
June 2015
Proemion joins Senic as a general manufacturer for electronics
June 2015
Pentacon joins Senic as a general manufacturer for mechanical parts
February 2016
Birchmere Ventures, a Pittsburgh-based VC joins Senic
August 2016
Target Partners, a Munich-based VC joins Senic
August 2016
Senic launches NUIMO on Amazon Launchpad
October 2016
NUIMO goes into first retails stores in Seattle and Santa Monica
June 2016
Senic launches COVI on Kickstarter
Thanks to the backers, customers, users, partners, manufacturers and supporters - Senic would not exist without you!