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A simple, intuitive smart home controller.

Meet the Hub

Home should be a place for relaxation – and technology shouldn’t stand in the way. The Hub lets you connect NUIMO to your favorite smart devices and create custom home automations.

Universal Control for the Things You Love

NUIMO works with the devices you love, allowing you to group and control the music and lighting in your home. New applications for NUIMO are added regularly.

Watch Video


Play / Pause


Change Volume


Next / Previous


Select Stations

Less Distraction

Put away your smartphone and focus on the things that matter.

Instant Control

Forget getting lost in menus and enjoy simple control at your fingertips.

Shared Experience

Home is made up of shared experiences. NUIMO was designed for them.

1. Turn on

Turn on your device and download the NUIMO app

2. Connect

Power on the Hub and connect to your home WiFi network

3. Enjoy

Connect to a growing number of devices

"We care about the way technology blends into our lives - that's why we built NUIMO."

Learn More

"A Universal Dial for the Internet of Things."

"...smoother than the volume knob controls on many multi-thousand dollar AV components."

”An homage to Dieter Rams-ian simplicity.“


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Ships in December 2017

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