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Create an atmosphere that is a reflection of you with a designer light that adapts to your life


Experience seamless control that brings you closer to the things you love

Senic Pro

Are you a smart home professional? Offer your customers the highest quality German-built hardware when you become a Senic Pro partner.

Our products are locally manufactured in Germany

See how NUIMO is made


Beginner’s Guide to Smart Home

How We Built COVI

Curious how we brought together design, electronics, mechanics and speech control in COVI? Take a look behind the scenes of what it takes to build a product.

Why Smart Home Should Be Open

Closed software is holding back the smart home industry — but what does it mean to build open source instead?

News and Events @heysenic


YOURE INVITED to #futurehausberlin - a pop up shop showcasing #covibysenic and 9 other of our favorite startups! Shop is now open - visit for more info. .

In love with those guys: the electronics of the Hub.

Stop by our IFA booth at Hall 26.a Booth 161 to check out #COVI

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